Feature Overview: World Event

Welcome to world events, where you and other Dragon Story players will collect items from around their Isles to earn individual and community prizes!

In most World Events you can earn items by taking these actions around your Isles:

  • Hatching dragons from your Nest
  • Harvesting food at your Farms
  • Completing a special quest at the Quest Outpost
  • Fighting in the Battle Arena (levels 15+)

To see your progress in a World Event, tap its button on the right side of the screen. Once you collect enough items to earn the first individual prize, the second individual prize will unlock. After the Dragon Story community collects enough items to earn a community prize, all players who have collected enough items to be eligible will receive it. All prizes will be placed in your storage.

This page will contain the most recent or currently active World Event.

  • A list of all previous World Events can be found here.

Current World Event

Bright Beginnings World Event

Collect Times Time to earn the following dragons and decor.

  • Earn up to 500 points by raising a Carol Dragon to level 10.
  • 3x points for winning Battles.
  • Breeding with your Dragons (2x Bonus).
  • Hatching dragons from the Nest.
  • Harvesting food at Farms.
  • Evolving dragons.
  • Additional Life Lights were obtainable by placing the first individual prize on your island or buying a Festive Flower or Firework Flower from the market.

Individual Prizes

Name Time Amounts Purchase Price Reward
Festive Flower 100Time 100Gold20px Festive Flower
New Year Tree 500Time 400Gold20px New Year Tree
Looking Forward 1,000Time 500Gold20px Looking Forward
Holiday Dragon 1,800Time 800Gold20px Holiday Baby
Resolution Dragon 3,200Time 1,400Gold20px Resolution Baby

Community Prizes

Name Snowflake Amounts Reward
New Year Fountain 12,800,000Time New Year Fountain
Firapples 30,000,000Time 15,000Food30px
Adventure Tickets 60,000,000Time 15AdventureTicket

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