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  • I'm fairly new to Dragon Story so most of my dragons are only lvl 6/7 and I don't have many rare ones.  I'm at round 15 of the tournament and just looked at the dragons i have to face.  Can anyone tell me if i have a hope of beating the higher level rarer dragons?

    I'm willing to spend some gold (I want the Phoenix!!) but only if there's a reasonable chance of success.  Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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    • Use the Battle Arena calculator and I only have 1 epic and I'm hatching leviathan today

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    • Round 19 --> Treasure Dragon make me feel down i dont have Dimond to fight opponent,accumulate balls --> Craft 2 day prepare to make "salted egg"no need more leviathan!!! lol ^__^"

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    • Thanks both.  I'm on round 19 too and just got knocked out :-(

      Have been using the calculator which helps but the odds of winning from now on are pretty low...

      Hmmm....10 rounds (assuming I can beat the Treasure)...30 gold a hit....just how much do I want that Phoenix dragon..!

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    • hahaha ^___^" i see.

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    • I my personal opinion, if I were in your situation, I would not use gold at all.  I would try my luck and just keep sending dragons, but I would not invest too much gold in the tournament, for a few reasons. 

      1) It's getting late into the tournament and the opponents will get much nastier, with the three preceding the Phoenix being the absolute worst for people without Diamonds.  Unless you are willing to dedicate a huge chunk of gold to Ultimate attacks, there's no guarantee you can finish in time.

      2) Some people have had their tournaments reset or other problems still.  I hope it doesn't happen to you, but the risk is there. 

      As you said, it really depends how much you want the Phoenix Dragon.  Is it worth (up to) 300 Gold to you?  Keep trying to get as far as you can, and in the meantime, decide your maximum price, and don't spend on battles until you reach the round where you can start spending towards your maximum price.  Without a Diamond, you will likely need to spend gold on rounds 27, 28, and 29 at least (unless you get lucky, which can happen).

      Don't forget to account for cooldown time.  If you take too long to beat some rounds, you may have to dish out an extra 4 gold per round to finish the tournament on time.

      Anyways, good luck!

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    • Thanks - that's good advice. Can you breed the Phoenix Dragon or is winning it the only option?

      I've pretty much accepted i'll need gold to defeat the higher rounds but will trust to luck for the next 6!

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    • Winning or buying it are the only options :(

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    • Got as far as round 22 but not going to get the Phoenix Dragon this time :-(

      Am i right in thinking TL run these tournaments fairly often?

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    • Yes but they often change the boss.  We all missed out on Ethereal even though the tournament was taken down due to TeamLava releasing a majorly bugged tournament.  No clue if they plan to re-release previous bosses.

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    • Really appreciate your advice - thanks!

      You saved me from spending a whole lot of gold.  Will take my chances on the next tournament boss...who knows, by then I might have a Diamond Dragon to help me :-)

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    • So frustrated! Took me so long to beat lightning, finally did with infinity, even had the pearls in storage..left the game & when I got back, lightning again, arena didn't even go down. I use infinity again and of course I lose..does the game do that battle over? Noooo, that one it keeps..its not nearly as bad as resetting to lv 1 (am afraid of that since I'm glitching)but only have 2 days left & not many dragons. If I email TL the tournament will be over by the time they get around to the email..any thoughts?

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    • Even if they open the mail, they won't do anything about it :(

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    • A Fandom user
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