Dragon Story

Battle tournament

  • I'm half way there!!! Defeated 15 dragons without losing any. I hope the second half won't be too challenging. I want my Phoenix dragon.

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    • Same here! Just beat the fireworks dragon with no loses. Luckily I have a high level lightning dragon that will help in the last few battles and especially the Phoenix dragon! But I'm hoping we have another chance at the ethereal as great as the Phoenix is.

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    • Oops spoke too soon! Got my first defeat with fireworks dragon. What did you use to beat him?

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    • I used epic trickster and took two shots. The treasure dragon is holding me up. I've been beat twice now. Good luck!

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    • I have the tournament and just completed battle 17, but something strange happened. When I clicked on the tournament icon I was presented an Independence level 9 for battle #17. I went directly to the battle calculator and entered Independence 9 and Aether 10 was on the top of the list. I have an epic Aether so I returned to my game, selected my epic Aether, Bash, Victory. So I came back to the Battle Arena page to see what I would be battling next. Surprise, the table shows that I should have battled a level 9 Fireworks. So I am wondering why I was presented a level 9 Independence. anyone?

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    • Now I am really confused, 1Hour since last battle, click battle now, expecting Medusa, says I am on battle 17 and there is the Fireworks. AAAGGGHHH, at least I got 2 pearls!?!

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