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Spin the wheel every 22hrs in order to win one of the many prizes. In order to get another spin before the 22hrs is over you must pay 10, 20 or 30Gold20px.

  • The Regular wheel is available for one week each release.
  • The Flash wheel is only available for 3 days each release.
    • The Flash Spin to Win was first introduced Sept. 23, 2014.

The prizes consist of Coins, Food, Gold, Mystic Maps, Crafting Materials, Decor and dragons that are sometimes exclusive to this feature.

Accounts lvl 30 and under may see different dragons on the wheel.

Items like Mystic Maps, Lotus Blossoms and dragons won on the wheel go into storage.

The following is a list of dragons that have appeared on the wheel:

Wheels 1-10

Wheels 11-20

Wheels 21-31

Wheels 32-42

Wheels 43-53

Wheels 54-59


  • During the first 6 releases of Spin to Win it was required to be at least level 20 to have access to the wheel.
  • The Spin to Win was released for Android Jan. 15, 2015.
  • A special Spin to Win wheel Leaderboard Wheel Icon is available during Leaderboard Events. The information for this special wheel is posted on the Leaderboard Event page.
  • Since 46th release of Spin to Win players were able to watch an advertisment to get another spin. (iOS Only)
  • After the 47th Spin to Win extremely low level accounts (level 10 and under) have had wheels released with three pre-released dragons as the prizes.
    • These wheels seem to be in place of higher level player events. Since these wheels are only available to a small number of players they will not be listed in the tables above.

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