In Dragon Story, there are several resources with which you play the game. They each have their own uses and methods of obtaining them.

Coins Coin20px

Coins are the basic resource in Dragon Story.

Coins can be used to:

Obtaining Coins

Dragons that are not occupied with breeding, evolving, questing, or healing generate coins that can be collected from their habitats. Gold Type dragons (both iOS and Android) are an exception, producing Gold instead of coins.

Coins can also be purchased at the in-game store.

Gold Gold20px

Gold is the premium resource in Dragon Story.

Gold can be used to:

Gold can also be used to speed up the time required to:

Gold Prices

The purchase price for Gold is constant throughout game progression. (Gold sales are excluded)

Gold can be purchased for:

Amount Sterling Pounds US Dollars Euro
20 Gold20px £0.69 $0.99 €0.99
120 Gold20px £2.99 $4.99 €4.99
250 Gold20px £6.99 $9.99 €9.99
530 Gold20px £13.99 $19.99 €19.99
1,400 Gold20px £34.99 $49.99 €49.99
2,900 Gold20px £69.99 $99.99 €99.99

Gold Sales

Gold Sales are randomly sent out to devices. Depending on the player's level and how often they get gold sales may reduce the price.

Value Pack

Sometimes, a special kind of sale known as a "Value Pack" will be offered, bundling gold or coins with a dragon, decor or food at reduced prices. Sometimes Value Packs may even introduce exclusive dragons.

Exclusive Dragons

Gold Value

Depending upon the activity, the Gold ratio for speeding it up can vary.

To speed up breeding or hatching, one Gold is equal to the remaining time in hours, rounded up to the nearest hour. This means that a time of 02:03:00(hh:mm:ss) will cost three Gold to finish it (2 for the hours + 1 for the 3 minutes). However, if you wait three minutes and one second until 01:59:59, it will only cost two Gold.

Speeding up expansions will cost ten times the amount of hours remaining, rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour. For example, an expansion that takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete will cost 10 * 3.3, which is 33 Gold.

Obtaining Gold

Free Gold can be received via neighbors who gift. Up to 20 Gold can be received daily (assuming 20 neighbors are willing to gift) but players may only gift three Gold a day to people on their neighbor lists.

Free Gold can also be obtained by completing certain goals.

Gold can be produced from Gold Type dragons.

Previously, Gold could be obtained by entering quests. That has since been changed, and there are currently no quests that allow players to obtain Gold.

Previously, Gold could be obtained by using the Treasure Cave. However, it has not been available since February of 2013. It is unknown if there are any plans to make the Treasure Cave available again.


Food is used to feed Dragons. Higher level dragons can earn more coins, and if they meet the level requirements, they can evolve into different forms. Some Dragons need more food than others to level up. Please see Food Costs for more information.

Obtaining Food

Food can be grown in farms or purchased at the in-game store.

There are several options with different costs, amounts of food harvested, minutes to grow, farm required, and experience gained. See the farms page for more information.

Parts (iOS only)

Obtained as income from Arctic Dragons, Parts are used to craft items at the Fire Mill that is available only on the Arctic Isles . Each one of the Arctic Types produce a different type of Part.

Part Name Image Type
Ancient Oil Ancient Oil Ice Age
Flammable Fur Flammable Furs Abominable
Dragon Wind Dragon Wind Blizzard

Mystic Flames 

As the Arctic Isles have a different atmosphere than the one of the normal islands, Mystic Flames are needed to thaw out the eggs, that are frozen. The Flames are obtained from the Fire Mill, and are crafted by using Parts, as mentioned above.

Gemstones (both iOS and Android)

Various kinds of special gemstones can be obtained by trading any non-basic Dragon using a Trading Portal.

Gemstones vary depending on the type and rarity of the dragon traded, and can be used to craft dragons or Decor at a Spell Shop.

Gemstones of either the Large or Small sizes can be obtained depending on the rarity of the Dragon traded or by combining Small Gemstones, obtained from common dragons.

Not every dragon type has a gemstone for itself. See the Trading Portal page for further information.

The following chart provides a list of the gemstone varieties and their corresponding types.

Gem Image Type
Ruby Large Ruby Red
Emerald Large Emerald Green
Topaz Large Topaz Yellow
Sapphire Large Sapphire Blue
Amethyst Large Amethyst Purple
Pearl Large Pearl White
Quartz Large Quartz Pink
Onyx Large Onyx Black


Materials are unique because players cannot obtain them in their own accounts without obtaining other gameplay elements first or asking a Neighbor to give it to you as a gift. Some of them may have limited availability and, when expired, will not appear on the mini-games or structures that once offered them to players, making the dragons they granted unavailable for the time being.

Obtaining Materials

Depending on the material, different things need to be done. Those include:


Materials can be used to:

  • Craft Dragons or Decor
  • Expand into new territory
  • Complete some Goals

List of Materials

Name Image Uses Source
Mystic Map Mystic Map Expansion Neighbors
Quest Outpost
Spin to Win
Spell Scroll Spell Scroll Crafting Spell Shop
Trading Portal
Lotus Blossom Lotus Blossom Crafting

Quest Outpost
Spin to Win
Trading Portal

Knight's Banner
(Limited Availability)
Knight's Banners Crafting Quest Outpost
Knight's Orders
(Limited Availability)
Knight's Orders Crafting Quest Outpost
Knight's Armor
(Limited Availability)
Knight's Armors Crafting Quest Outpost
Samurai Steel
(Limited Availability)
Samurai Steel Crafting Quest Outpost
Samurai Sword
(Limited Availability)
Samurai Sword Crafting Quest Outpost
Nether Dust Nether Dust Crafting Trading Portal
Spell Shop
Leviathan Pearl
(Limited Availability)
Leviathan Pearl Crafting Battle Arena
Mystic Flame Mystic Flame Crafting
Hatching Eggs
Fire Mill
(Limited Availability)
Morningstars Crafting Battle Arena
Brown Leaves
(Limited Availability)
Brown Leaf Dragon Summoning Farm
Maple Leaves
(Limited Availability)
Maple Leaves Dragon Summoning Quest Outpost
Birch Leaves
(Limited Availability)
Birch Leaf Dragon Summoning

Hatching of Dragon Eggs

Candy Corn
(Limited Availability)
Candy Corn Dragon Summoning Farm
Witch Hat
(Limited Availability)
Witch Hat Dragon Summoning Quest Outpost
Carved Pumpkin
(Limited Availability)
Carved Pumpkin Dragon Summoning Hatching of Dragon Eggs
Spirit Scythes
(Limited Availability)
Spirit Scythe Crafting Battle Arena
Midnight Maces
(Limited Availability)
Midnight Mace Crafting Battle Arena
Copper Bolts
(Limited Availability)
Copper Bolt Dragon Summoning Farm
Silver Gears
(Limited Availability)
Silver Gear Dragon Summoning Quest Outpost
Gold Chains
(Limited Availability)
Gold Chain Dragon Summoning Hatching of Dragon Eggs
Immortal's Mask
(Limited Availability)
Immortal's Mask Crafting Battle Arena

Goal-Only Materials

Some special in-game missions require unique items to be finished. These are stored in the Storage until the mission finishes, and cannot be used for anything other than finishing the errand.

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