Feature Overview: Dragon Quests

Dragon Quests!
How it works...

The Quest Outpost

•Players levels 11+ can head into the Quest Outpost for a list of available Dragon Quests. Each quest requires a specific dragon and offers a chance at a specific reward.
Dragon Quest: Mapping the Island

•Select a dragon of the required species and send it on its way! The dragon will return after the allotted time with treasure from its journey!

•You'll always get a reward from the Dragon Quest, but each quest offers a specific rare reward. For example, if you send an Island Dragon on the quest "Mapping The Island", you have a chance at finding a Mystic Map, but you might find Food or Coins a few times instead, before you get the reward displayed on the Dragon Quest.

Pretty easy, right? Get the dragon required for a quest, send it out into the world, then it comes back with treasure--hopefully the treasure you were seeking!

Dragon Reward Quests

But wait... there's more! Dragon Questing also introduces unique dragon rewards.
You'll notice Dragon Quests (if you are high enough level) that require harder-to-breed dragons offering as rewards the material needed to craft unique dragons. Collect enough of these parts at the Quest Outpost and you can combine them at the Spell Shop to craft your own Samurai, Knight or Comet Dragon!
Parts collected at the Quest Outpost can also be used to summon dragons with the Dragon Summoning feature.

Samurai Dragon (EXPIRED)

Samurai Epic
Quest Target Reward
Steel of the Samurai 3Samurai Steel
Sword of the Samurai 1Samurai Sword

Knight Dragon (EXPIRED)

Knight Epic
Quest Target Reward
Kite To-Knight 1Knight's Banners
Orders From Avalon 1Knight's Orders
Emperor's Armory 1Knight's Armors

Comet Dragon

Comet Epic
Quest Target Reward
Comet's Lunar Core 3Comets Cores
Eternal Flame of Atlantis 1Comets Tails

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