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Neighbors can be added if you know their Storm8 IDs. Storm8 IDs are separate from the island names that players can view publicly. As such, it is easier to add a neighbor if he/she tells you his/her Storm8 ID.

Neighbors can send you gold Gold20px and Mystic Maps. You may also gain a small amount of experience Exp20px or silver coins Coin20px by visiting a neighbor's island daily.

You only may gift gold Gold20px to 3 of your neighbors each day, so choose wisely! In addition, each account may receive a limited amount of 20 gold Gold20px daily. If you send gold Gold20px to someone whose limit has been reached, he/she will not get it, and you will lose one of your precious daily gifts as well.

You may request neighbors and exchange Storm8 IDs by commenting here. To keep everything in one place, please make all neighbor requests on this page. If you wish to contact a specific user, you may do so on his/her wall.

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