Habitats are places where you can put dragons in so that they generate profit. Habitats are classified by type, and dragons with a type that matches the habitat can be placed within it.

You may place extra habitats as you gain levels within the game, up to a maximum of 240 on the Dragon Islands and 6 on the Arctic Isles. For a list of the levels where new habitats become available, please check the Level Rewards page.

The coin capacities of some habitats can be altered by special structures that can be bought after expanding to the Dawn Tree and completeing the "Dawn Goals." See the Goals page for more information. 

Dragon Islands

Arctic Isles

Lvl Type Habitat Holds Build Time Max Cost Exp Size
35 Iceage30px Ice Age AlcoveIce Age Alcove 3 8 hrs. 12
Ancient Oil
2,500 Exp20px 4x4
35 Abominable30px Abominable AuraAbominable Aura 3 4 hrs. 80
Flammable Furs
10,000 Exp20px 4x4
35 Blizzard30px Blustering BlizzardBlustering Blizzard 3 12 hrs. 120
Dragon Wind
7,500 Exp20px 4x4


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