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Fire Mill Cavemen may have made fire eons ago, but in the Arctic Isles, it's tough work. Build a Fire Mill to help forge Mystic Flames to hatch your eggs!

Cost to Build: 0 Coin20px

Build Time: none

Exp Gained: 0 Exp20px

The Fire Mill is used to craft items known as Parts, that are obtained from Arctic Isles Dragons. Each one of the Arctic types produce a different type of Part: Ice Age Dragons produce Ancient Oil, Blizzard Dragons produce Dragon Wind and Abominable Dragons produce Flammable Furs.

Materials Mystic Flames Craft Time
2Ancient Oil

Ancient Oil

none none 1Mystic Flame 30sec.
12Ancient Oil

Ancient Oil

none none 4Mystic Flame 6min.
30Flammable Furs

Flammable Furs

none none 10Mystic Flame 10min.
140Flammable Furs

Flammable Furs

50Ancient Oil

Ancient Oil

none 50Mystic Flame 30min.
60Dragon Wind

Dragon Wind

none none 15Mystic Flame 1hr.
500Dragon Wind

Dragon Wind

300Flammable Furs

Flammable Furs

40Ancient Oil

Ancient Oil

100Mystic Flame 3hrs.

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