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Feature Overview: Dragon Album [iOS] 

The Dragon Album is a feature that allows players to collect Dragons and earn rewards for completing tasks and milestones. The rewards include several dragons that are exclusively earned through the Dragon Album.

The Dragon Album shows Dragons that you currently have on your Island. You can tap each Dragon to read more about them. The info page gives the description of the dragons and how many coins it can make per hour. You can also select dragons you don’t have yet and review their information.

The rewards are as follows:
Collect 5 Unique Dragons -Sword in Stone- Adds one to your storage and gives you the ability to buy more for 80 gold

Collect 10 Unique Dragons - 1000 Food

Collect 15 Unique Dragons - Scarecrow Dragon (Add egg to nest or to storage)

Collect 20 Unique Dragons - 20 Gold20px

Collect 25 Unique Dragons - Storm Dragon (Add egg to nest or to storage)

Collect 50 Unique Dragons - Lightning Dragon (Add egg to nest or to storage)

Glacius the Ancient - Glacius the Ancient awakens on the Arctic Isles after feeding 9 unique Arctic Isles dragons to level 10 (No egg)

These are all the currently available Album Rewards.


  • The Dragon Album was added to Dragon Story on November 21, 2012.
  • There was a bug in the album regarding the Fireworks Dragon. In all of its stages of evolution the Fireworks Dragon showed up as the Epic version of the Serpent Dragon. This was corrected on January 10th 2013
  • Dragons not available in the Market can be bought here after being obtained beforehand.

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