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Buildings are special items that perform various functions in Dragon Story. The specific functions of each is explained on the building's individual page.

Dragon Islands

Building Name Image Size
Farm Farm 2x2
Large Farm Large Farm 4x4
Enchanted Farm Enchanted Farm 4x4
Nest Nest 2x2
Breeding Den Breeding Den 3x3
Evolution Temple Evolution Temple 4x4
Eternal Flame Eternal Flame 3x3
Flower Egg Flower Egg 3x3
Sunshine Temple Sunshine Temple 3x3
Pantheon Pool Pantheon Pool 3x3
Planetary Tower Planetary Tower 3x3
Garden of Light Garden of Light 3x3

Trading Portal

Trading Portal 3x3
Spell Shop Spell Shop 3x3
Dragon Stables Dragon Stables 4x4
Diamond Temple                     Diamond Temple 3x3
Healing Spring Healing Spring 3x3
Ticket Booth Ticket Booth 2x2
Silver Trophy Silver Trophy 1x1
Gold Trophy Gold Trophy 1x1
Sword of Ares Sword of Ares 1x1
Trident of Poseidon Trident of Poseidon 1x1
Silver Rocketship Silver Rocketship 1x1
Gold Rocketship Gold Rocketship 1x1
Silver Bonsai Tree Silver Bonsai Tree 1x1
Gold Bonsai Tree Gold Bonsai Tree 1x1
Apprentice's Cauldron Apprentice's Cauldron 1x1
Witch's Cauldron Witch's Cauldron 1x1
North Pole North Pole 1x1
Santa's Workshop Santa's Workshop 2x2

Arctic Isles

Building Name Image Size
Frozen Farm Frozen Farm 2x2
Large Frozen Farm Large Frozen Farm 4x4
Frozen Nest Frozen Nest 2x2
Frozen Breeding Den Frozen Breeding Den 3x3
Frozen Evolution Temple Frozen Evolution Temple 4x4
Frozen Silo Frozen Silo 2x2
Fire Crucible Fire Crucible 3x3
Fire Mill Fire Mill 3x3

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