Buildings are special items that perform various functions in Dragon Story. The specific functions of each is explained on the building's individual page.

Dragon Islands

Arctic Isles

Lvl Building Name Cost Sells For Exp Image Size
35 Frozen Farm 500,000Coin20px 75,000Coin20px 5,000Exp20px Frozen Farm 2x2
38 Large Frozen Farm 1,000,000Coin20px 150,000Coin20px 10,000Coin20px Large Frozen Farm 4x4
35 Frozen Nest variesGold20px 0Coin20px 0Exp20px Frozen Nest 2x2
35 Frozen Breeding Den 0Coin20px 0Coin20px 0Exp20px Frozen Breeding Den 3x3
35 Frozen Evolution Temple 500Coin20px 80Coin20px 50Exp20px Frozen Evolution Temple 4x4
35 Frozen Silo varies 0Coin20px 0Exp20px Frozen Silo 2x2
35 Fire Crucible varies 0Coin20px 0Exp20px Fire Crucible 3x3
35 Fire Mill 600Coin20px 0Coin20px 6Exp20px Fire Mill 3x3


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