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This page was used to record results from breeding in order to form an estimate of the % chance of getting each dragon. Please note that the % might not be accurate.

In the interests of convenience and more timely maintenance, we have moved the results on this page to Hyper ch's breeding tool under the "My Breeding" tab.

If you want to contribute data, please remember that more data is better, even if it seems unlikely. If you got three Scorpions in a row without being able to breed a Firestorm, we still want to know. However, please note that this will work much better if you report all of your results with the same pair, not just the lucky one or two.

This page is now locked to prevent editing. Please submit your results to Hyper ch's database instead. We hope that this will make future submissions easier and the information will be presented in a much cleaner format. To ensure "trusted" results, you will have to submit a few results with a confirmation e-mail for the first few times, but after that, you will no longer require the activation and will be added to the trusted list, which also allows you to submit like-results in bulk (up to 50 at a time).

Thank you very much.

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